Natural Red Gutka Bricks Wall Façade Tiles Design Price in Pakistan
Red Gutka Bricks Wall Cladding Tiles Design Price in Pakistan
Natural Red Gutka Bricks Wall Façade Tiles Design Price in Pakistan
Red Gutka Bricks Wall Cladding Tiles Design Price in Pakistan
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Khaprail Tiles Design Introduction

Khaprail tiles design is basically design from clay. We manufacture khaprail design with trending shapes to meet the customers need and unique identity of the design. There are the best qualities and designs of the khaprail design are mentioned below section. We write all the qualities of this product wisely with complete research of the market in Pakistan

Khaprail Tiles Design in Pakistan

Khaprail tiles design in Pakistan is available in different types of khaprail Tiles like Spanish, Disco, Flat, French, and Murlee Khaprail Design.

Barrel khaprail Tiles

Disco khaprail Tiles

Flat khaprail Tiles

Spanish Khaprail Tiles

French khaprail Tiles

Murlee khaprail Tiles

Italian Taylor Tiles

Khaprail Tiles Design in Different Cities of Pakistan

Our services of Khaprail design for tiles are available in all cities of Pakistan and also deliver in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. We show our city vise phone number and WhatsApp contact for Khaprail design below section.


We are providing khaprail tiles design in Lahore  and customers can contact on our Lahore branch WhatsApp number to collect all information about the khaprail design.

0300 4617715

We are delivering khaprail designs in Islamabad also. All types of khaprail tiles Islamabad city are available for the customers. Mentioned above number for WhatsApp contacting.

We are delivering khaprail tiles in Karachi. Our tiles design is mostly delivered to the major cities on  

Khaprail Colour and Khaprail Paint Design

Khaprail colour is play a vital role to attract the customers and the glowing quality of the khaprail colour is also matter in selection. We have different khaprail coloue styles on our stores in Lahore, Islamabad and karachi. We have Blue khaprail, Red Khaprail, Brown Khaprail tiles design in our collection of khaprail tiles design. Khaprail paint keep it glossy and maintain its shine for a long time. Khaprail paint also safe the tiles from hard season and atmosphere.

Khaprail Tiles Design
Ahmad Ali Karachi CEO

Highly Recommended Khaprail Tiles Design From this Company.

Khaprail Tiles Design
M. Usman Hakim Architect

Clay Tiles are attractive and roof free cooling system, Highly recommended Khaprail especially in Red Khaprail Colour.

Khaprail Tiles Design
Hamza Dawood Customer

Nice Products on Pak Tiles. All collection which i want are easily available.

Khaprail Tiles Design in Catalogue PDF

Khaprail tiles design catalogue is also available on our store and also online websites. Customers can get khaprail catalogue on WhatsApp and select their desired khaprail colour paint for final selection.

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